Becoming a fun of TANG Wei: a note after ‘late autumn’

Anna had three day parole to attend her mother’s funeral, and encountered a man called Hung on her way back.Seven years ago, she went to prison b/c she was assumed to kill her husband, a crime committed by her lover WJ, maybe. But WJ moved on and enjoyed a life with some one else. She felt depressed.

At the same time, Hung made a living by pleasing his female customer. After an unexpected reunion with Anna, Hung tried to please her by sex but failed, a rare incidence for him. However, this become a good starting and Hung promised to be a guide for one day to compensate the unpleasant experience. They had a good time to know each other.But she had to go back to prison after the funeral.

On her way back, Hung came to escort. Yet, an unexpected future still hangs.

Nothing can stop me from becoming a NC fun of Tang forever.

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